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Soil Medic

Soil Medic creates the perfect conditions for seedlings and simultaneously offers generational fertility to your soil. It contains aged organic compost blended with the high-carbon soil amendment, biochar, that we've impregnated with our own all-natural soil biostimulant, SoJa GROW.


The aged compost adds rich organic matter to your soil, SoJa GROW provides the ideal nutrient profile, and biochar's natural properties cause it to absorb fertilizer, keeping nutrients in place where your crops need it most.


Soil Medic can be used to restore your soil's native functions and to improve resilience, sustainability, and abundance - making it the foundation of our 3-part fertility program.

Why Use Soil Medic?

The use of biochar goes back thousands of years to the Amazon Basin where there are rich and fertile, black soils (Terra Petra) that are the result of carbon left behind from the fires and cooking of indigenous people. 

These soils have held their fertility over thousands of years.

  1. Soil Medic allows you to recreate this ancient fertility-building technique to boost your soil to its full potential.

  2. It provides a unique opportunity to do one single thing that will improve your soil's fertility for generations to come!

  3. It is recommended as the main soil amendment for all organic cultivation and soil restoration projects.    


Soil Medic with biochar has a significant direct effect on soil fertility. 

  • Improves water retention

  • Improves aggregation and aeration

  • Enhances nutrient retention and availability

  • Increases soil microbiology 

  • The backbone of any soil fertility program

  • Important tool for increased food security

  • Biochar reduces presence of heavy metals

  • Biochar reduces pesticide residue and contaminants

  • Biochar naturally reduces your farm's carbon footprint

  • Biochar reduces greenhouse gas emissions

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Soil Medic is applied only once, but the results will last for generations - especially when used as part of a well-managed fertility program that includes Jamaican Organics' line of products.


Mix a handful of Soil Medic directly in to your soil or potting mix, water the mix to moisten it throughout, and wait 3-5 days before planting your seedlings. 

One handful = 1/2 cup per seedling.

50 quarts (1.67 cu.ft.) SACK = 400 Seedlings


Soil Medic-1.67cu.ft.Sack.png

Pick Up / Bulk Delivery

50 quarts (1.67 cu. ft.): J$6,000

(5) 50 quarts (1.67 cu. ft.): J$24,000


Please contact us for quotes on bulk wholesale pricing and shipping. 

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