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Soil Medic creates the perfect conditions for seedlings, transplanting, and remediating depleted soils while simultaneously offering generational fertility to your soil. 


  • Improves Water Retention

  • Improves Aggregation & Aeration

  • Enhances Nutrient Retention

  • Increases Soil Microbiology

  • Rich In Organic Matter

  • Builds Generational Soil Fertility

better roots in healthy seedling

A blend of well-aged manure-based compost, coconut coir, and nutrient enriched biochar formulated to rapidly improve depleted soil by adding rich organic matter, beneficial microbiology, and balanced nutrients to get plants off to a healthy start. 

Newly sprouted plants in dark soil

Soil Medic along with Restore Microbial Inoculant, and SoJa Grow Biostimulant, help restore your soil's native functions and improve resilience, sustainability, and abundance. 


  • 16" x 30" Sack

  • 15 KG / 33 lbs


  • 250 handfuls (½ cup)

4 Sacks = 1000 Seedlings

How To Use Soil Medic

Icon - Mix biochar with soil before transplanting
Soil Preperation Before Planting/Transplanting
  1. Add 1 handful (1/2 cup) per planting hole and water well.

  2. Mix SoJa Grow Biostimulant and Restore Microbial Inoculant and apply twice at full strength one week apart.

  3. Apply fresh water prior to transplanting or sowing seeds.


For specific crop guidance please contact us at:

(876) 224-4384

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