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Soil Medic creates the perfect conditions for seedlings and simultaneously offers generational fertility to your soil. It contains aged organic compost blended with the high-carbon soil amendment, biochar, that we've impregnated with our own soil biostimulant, SOJA GROW.


The compost adds organic matter to feed soil microbes and the biochar will remain in your soil to hold water and nutrients close to the roots of your plants. By holding water and nutrients in the soil instead of losing it to run off, you'll need much less fertilzer and you'll reduce your watering by 25% right from the start! Biochar is a 'must have' for supporting and enhancing generational soil fertility.


Potting Mixes
Mix up to 50/50 with potting and seed starting mixes and water normally.

Mix a handful (1/2 cup/170g) with the soil in the hole you intend to plant in and water to moisten throughout.


Depleted Soils

Mix 50/50 with native soil and water well using Restore, Microbial Inoculant.

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Soil Medic - Compost with Nutrient Enriched Biochar

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