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SoJa GROW is an all-natural compound protein hydrolysate rich in readily-available amino acids, peptides and natural plant growth hormones that promote robust growth while building soil fertility.

Cabbage Field

SoJa GROW reduces fertilizer consumption by up to 30% when used as part of a well managed fertility program. Suitable for organic and traditional farming.


It is made by a natural enzymatic process using our proprietary blend of natural raw materials, good for all soil types and environmentally friendly. 


  • Improves fertilizer performance

  • ​Strengthens plant's roots system

  • Helps correct nutrient deficiencies

  • Improves plant productivity

  • Improves drought and heat resistance

  • Feeds natural soil microbiology 


Useful for all plants, shrubs, trees, and crops including: vegetables, fruits, flowers, cannabis, and other herbs and spices. Best results are seen when used as part of a well-managed organic fertility program or along-side traditional / chemical fertilizers to improve their performance.

Always conduct a soil test to determine nutrient levels. Application rates will vary depending on soil conditions, plant type, nutrient requirement and application method. General usage is 4-6
applications throughout the growing season. For specific crop guidance please email us at:

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Shake well before use. Mix only what you need for one application at a time. Test on a small area first. Spray as a foliar fertilizer and/or use as a soil drench - from seedling to harvest.


Use 2.5-5ml per liter of water or 2-4 teaspoons/gallon


Use 5-10ml per liter of water or 1.5-2.5 tablespoons/gallon
Spray both sides of the leaves until run-o every 2-3 weeks.


Use 10-20ml per liter of water or 2.5-5 tablespoons/gallon.


Use 1/4 of the water to moisten the ground first. Then add SoJa GROW and mix well.

Use 1 liter of SoJa GROW per 100 liters of water or 1 gallon per 100 gallons.

Best practices for drip irrigation include flushing lines with water after each application.

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Pick Up / Bulk Delivery

1-Liter (0.264 gals): J$1,000

5-Liter (1.321 gals): J$4,000


Please contact us for quotes on bulk wholesale pricing and shipping. 

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