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Jamaican Organics' products are specifically formulated for producing high-quality crops like many Jamaican staple foods and medicinal cannabis.

We source only the finest inputs from all over the island when formulating our biofertilizers and soil biostimulants. .

Our products are easy-to-use and suitable for growers of all skill levels from home-growers to commercial cultivators.

Who We Are

  1. We are soil fertility experts who use nature to restore nature.

  2. Our products are guaranteed to improve the quality and yield of whatever you grow when used together as part of a well-managed fertility program.

  3. We make products for restoring depleted soils and feeding beneficial soil microbiology.

  4. We believe in going beyond organic and are committed to making long-term sustainable choices over short-term gains.

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What We Do

We help growers achieve higher yields and improved produce quality while creating ongoing future soil fertility. When used together our products work synergistically to reduce chemical fertilizer use by 30-50% while boosting yields by up to 30%. We make all other fertilizers work more efficiently so you can do so much more, with less. 

When you grow with Jamaican Organics, you can trust that your crops are as close as possible to what nature intended.

Why Jamaican Organics?

  1. We help cultivators achieve the best sustainable outcomes the way nature intended.

  2. We advocate for normalizing the use of practices and products that support nature.

  3. We understand that focusing on increasing yields doesn't and shouldn't require sacrificing our Jamaican soils or our commitment to sustainability.

  4. Our ongoing mission is to help all growers regardless of size, crop, or economic situation, realize benefits of organic crop production.

  5. Together we can grow stronger communities and preserve Jamaica's most valuable resources - our people and the land beneath our feet.

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