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An all-natural liquid bat guano extract formulated to support all flowering and fruiting plants transitioning from the vegetative stage into the blossoming, fruiting, and ripening stages of growth. RipenR is used at the first sign of buds or blossoms to increase the yields, flavors, and aromas of produce, cannabis and other high-value crops.


  • High Calcium, high Phosphorus

  • Increases budding and flowering sites

  • Develops structures for fruit bearing

  • Increases overall crop yields

  • Raises Brix levels

  • Boosts flavors and aromas

  • Natural product of Jamaica

  • Environmentally friendly


Suitable for organic and traditional / chemical farming.    Useful for the blooom/blossoming stage of growth for all flowering and fruiting plants, trees, crops, cannabis, and other herbs. Best results are seen when used as part of a well-managed organic fertility program or along side traditional/chemical fertilizers to improve their performance.


Mix only what you need for one application at a time. Test on a small area first. Spray as a foliar fertilizer and/or use as a soil drench from the first sign of buds or flowers through to harvest.


Use 2.5-5ml per liter of water or 2-4 teaspoons/gallon


Use 5-10ml per liter of water or 1.5-2.5 tablespoons/gallon
Spray both sides of the leaves until run-o every 2-3 weeks.


Use 10-20ml per liter of water or 2.5-5 tablespoons/gallon.


Use 1/4 of your water to moisten the ground first. Then add RipenR and mix.

Use 1 liter of RipenR per 100 liters of water or 1 gallon per 100 gallons of water.

Best practices for drip irrigation include flushing lines with water after each application.

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Pick Up / Bulk Delivery

1-Liter (0.264 gals): J$2,000

5-Liter (1.321 gals): J$8,000


Please contact us for quotes on bulk wholesale pricing and shipping. 

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