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Young black female farmer smiling with her crop at the produce marketmarket


Empowering women and youth to succeed in agriculture while enriching soil and nourishing the island.

Cultivating Resilience in Jamaican Agriculture

Jamaica's vibrant agricultural landscape faces unique challenges. Climate change, volatile markets, and dependence on imported chemicals threaten farmer livelihoods and land health. But there's hope! The Jamaican Organics Resilient Farmer Program (RFP) is cultivating a future where Jamaican agriculture thrives, both conventionally and organically.

How the RFP Empowers Farmers 


From school garden programs designed to foster an understanding of soil microbiology, plant biology, and sustainable farm profitability, to virtual farmers meetings and field demonstrations, we share our knowledge about soil management, pest control, and financial literacy.


Cultivate in-demand crops and livestock for market, focusing on natural poultry cultivation, and the establishment of neem orchards. Implement sustainable practices to recycle agricultural wastes into value-added products, reduce production costs, and protect the environment.


Free or subsidized Jamaican Organics natural farming products including pest control solutions for dedicated organic farmers. Soil Medic, our well-aged compost blend, contains biochar, the wonder-material that enriches soil, improves water retention, sequesters carbon, and builds generational soil fertility.


Improving acess by connecting farmers with local markets to ensure their harvest reaches eager consumers. 


Marketing support to reach local manufacturers and distributors seeking to meet their export capacity crop requirements.

Join The Movement

  • Farmers: Access resources, workshops, and connect with a supportive network.

  • Consumers: Choose locally grown, organic produce and support the farmers who cultivate it. 

  • Donors: Invest in the future of Jamaican agriculture and make a lasting impact.

  • Volunteers: Share your time and expertise to empower farmers and build a resilient future.

Get involved in Jamaican Organics' RFP and donate.

Every seed we sow, every hand we join, every contribution we receive, brings us closer to a future where Jamaican agriculture thrives and the island echoes with the laughter of a resilient harvest. Donate now and be a part of the solution.

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