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Cultivate Wellness with Nature's Power

Jamaican Organics for Medical Marijuana Excellence

Jamaica Organics elevates your medical marijuana cultivation to new heights with a potent blend of nature's bounty and scientific precision. Our island-born organo-mineral fertilizers and biostimulants unlock the full potential of your plants, from seed to harvest, ensuring abundant yields, optimal cannabinoid production, and the highest standards of medicinal quality.

Why Choose Jamaican Organics?

Tropical Expertise & Global Impact

We harness the unique advantages of Jamaica's climate and natural resources, crafting formulas that thrive in both tropical and temperate environments, empowering growers worldwide.

Nature's Harmony & Science's Guidance

Our products marry the power of organic nutrients with mineral precision, infused with potent biostimulants to deliver complete plant nutrition and unleash their genetic potential.

Sustainable Stewardship

We champion environmentally friendly practices, protecting the planet and enriching your soil for generations to come.

Quality Uncompromised

Every product undergoes rigorous scientific testing and development, ensuring efficacy, consistency, and medical-grade quality you can trust.

From Island Roots to Global Reach

We source the finest ingredients from Jamaica and beyond, ensuring traceability and catering to the specific needs of your cannabis grow.

Unleash Your Medical Marijuana's True Potential

Soil Medic Sack
  • Boost Yields with Soil Medic: This revolutionary blend of compost, nutrient-enriched biochar, and beneficial microbes revitalizes your soil, enhances nutrient uptake, and promotes robust root systems for explosive growth and bountiful harvests.

  • Optimize Cannabinoids with Soja Grow: This high-powered amino acid biostimulant, enriched with seaweed oligosaccharides, fuels vigorous vegetative growth, boosts chlorophyll production, and strengthens your plants' natural defenses, leading to increased cannabinoid production and terpene profiles.

1 liter stand up pouch of SoJa Grow Biostimulant
1-liter of RipenR Bloom Booster
  • Unlock Explosive Blooms with RipenR: This liquid bat guano bloom booster is a powerhouse of phosphorus, potassium, and other essential nutrients, driving bud development and ensuring dense, resinous flowers bursting with therapeutic cannabinoids.

  • Protect Your Plants with Leaf Guard: Keep your precious crop thriving pest-free with this natural insecticidal soap infused with neem oil. Safe, effective, and gentle on your plants and the environment, Leaf Guard keeps harmful insects at bay without harsh chemicals

1-liter of Leaf Guard Insecticidal Soap Crop Protectant

Experience the Jamaican Organics Difference

Jamaican flag flying with cannabis plants
  • Unmatched Yields: Witness your medical marijuana plants flourish with our nutrient-rich formulas and meticulous cultivation practices, leading to significant and consistent yield increases.

  • Superior Cannabinoid Content: Fine-tune the production of THC, CBD, and other valuable cannabinoids for maximum medicinal efficacy, ensuring your crop meets the highest standards.

  • Premium Quality, Unwavering Trust: Nurture your plants with the best nature has to offer, resulting in high-quality medical cannabis that exceeds expectations and delivers on its therapeutic promise.

  • Sustainable Growth, Flourishing Future: Cultivate your crop with a conscience, knowing you're using environmentally friendly products that protect the planet and enrich the soil for future generations.

Join Jamaican Organics' community and unlock the full potential of your medical marijuana cultivation.
New to growing medicinal herbs?

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you achieve success!


  1. 5 Soil Medic Sample Bags @ 1/3 Kg / 3/4 lbs each.
    (Total Soil Medic weight: 1.67 Kg / 3.67 lbs)

  2. 1 liter SoJa Grow Biostimulant

  3. 1 liter RipenR Biostimulant

  4. 1 liter Leaf Guard Insecticidal Soap Crop Protectant

  5. Jamaican Organics' Cannabis Cultivation Feed Chart

Large Grower's Kit



  1. 1 Soil Medic Bag @ 35 lbs/16 Kg

  2. 1 x 5-liter SoJa Grow Biostimulant

  3. 1 x 5-liter RipenR Biostimulant

  4. 1 x 5-liter Leaf Guard Insecticidal Soap Crop Protectant

  5. Jamaican Organics' Cannabis Cultivation Feed Chart

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