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Seed Germination Transformation To Seedling


No matter what you grow, we'll help you grow it better.

Better Outcomes for Everything That Grows

 Our products are formulated to improve the health and wellness of soil, plants, and animals.

We're dedicated to building long-term soil fertility, boosting crop yields, and increasing grower satisfaction.

Soil Medic Sack with label
  • Seed Germination

  • Seedlings & Transplants

  • Soil Remediation

  • Mix with Soil, Potting and Seed-starting Mixes. 

1 liter stand up pouch of SoJa Grow Biostimulant
  • Growth Booster

  • All Plants, Seedlings & Transplants

  • SpraySoil Drench & Drip Irrigation

1 liter of RipenR
  • Bloom Booster

  • Flowering & Fruiting Phase

  • Spray, Soil Drench & Drip Irrigation

1 liter stand up pouch of Restore Microbial Inoculant and Probiotic
  • Microbial Inoculant

  • Plant & Animal Probiotic

  • Seed Germination

  • Seedlings/Transplanting

  • Soil Remediation

1 liter stand up pouch of Leaf Guard Insecticidal Soap Crop Protectant
  • Insecticidal Soap

  • Crop Protectant

  • Adjuvant/Surfactant

  • Wetting Agent

  • Prevents & Treats


Grower's Kit containing 1 liter each of SoJa Grow, RipenR and Leaf Guard plus 5 sample bags of Soil Medic.
  • 5 Soil Medic Samples

  • 1 Liter SoJa Grow

  • 1 Liter RipenR

  • 1 Liter Leaf Guard

  • Feed Chart

Bridging The Gap Between Organic and Conventional Farming Practices

 Whether you use an organic or chemical fertilizer program, growing the highest-quality crops, produce, herbs, and livestock is easier with Jamaican Organics. 

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